Dr. Scott Levine MD, double boarded in Internal Medicine & Anti-aging & Regenerative medicine has been developing highly efficacious nutritional supplements to improve your health and longevity for more than 20 years. The 360° smarthealth™ site serves to provide two highly efficacious products: 

360° smarthealth antioxidant vitamin™️.
The most diverse and potent antioxidant vitamin available and is arguably “The best health insurance you can buy…in a bottle™”. 

360°smart weight® "The Smartest, Healthiest, Safest, Easiest, & Most Effective Way to Lose Weight." Learn how you can lose weight while eating the foods you love without dieting. This is a specially patented ultra-rich fiber™️ supplement weight loss system that promotes weight loss without dieting and allowing you to eat the food you desire.  Due to research and lab work of patients studied on this fiber supplement, the US Patent office awarded Dr. Levine  US Patent 7,030,092 “Ultra-High Fiber Supplement And Method of Reducing Weight, Cardiovascular Risks And Ingested Toxins.”



"It is not anything like a diet. I am not hungry at any time. It is VERY EASY to take. I am looking forward to my next blood work."

E.A. male in his 60s- retired
U.S. Army Corporal

How much money can Dr. Levine's Ultimate Weight Loss Formula save you in prescription expense? "I have been unable to lose weight for years. Now I am losing weight and enjoying it. I dropped 4 dress sizes in less than two months!"

P.D. female in her 50s-

"I was a skeptic. I am now a believer. In just a short period I have seen incredible results in my lipid profile. This has given me an additional mental boost to stay healthier. I have recommended the product to all of my family. My wife is even hooked on it. Try it."

M. T. male in his 40s -Intensive
Care physician

"I feel full so my desire to eat throughout the day is gone! My complexion is clearer and smoother. After a few weeks I noticed the cellulite on my thighs was going away and my skin was smoothing out. I have tried treadmills, target training, exfoliating my legs and this is the only thing to ever make a noticeable difference in my skin. I’m also happy I’ve lost some weight along the way without feeling like I can’t ever eat the things I like! I never could stick with anything long enough because it seemed results were taking forever. With Dr. Levine's Ultimate Weight Loss Formula I could tell a HUGE difference in my clothes in a week! I’m very happy on this plan and it’s healthy as I was lacking fiber in my diet. Thanks Dr. Levine!

B.M. female in her early 30’s-
housewife with two young children

"Tastes great and I have zero problems with it. It WORKS, and since I have been using it I feel healthier and have more energy."

E.D. male in his 30s
Business Owner/Entrepreneur.

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Los Angeles, CA

"Tastes great and easy to take. I was unable to lose weight the last 4-5 years and have found Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Weight Loss Formula to be an easy way to lose weight. I have lost 24 pounds in 9-10 weeks."

V.E. male in his 40s
Public Official

"I love this stuff. It has a good taste and is easy to take. I have lowered my LDL cholesterol by over 50% in 8 weeks and I have been able to cut my dose of cholesterol medication in half. I am losing a pound per week!"

J.G. male in his 60s-Retired 747
Flight Engineer.

"I can eat what I like in moderation. I can take it before I leave home and not be in a rush to eat. I can shop and enjoy myself without starving and feeling hungry."

L.G. female in her 50s
Housewife and Teacher