360°smartweight® is “The Smartest, Healthiest, Safest, Easiest, and Most Effective Way to Lose Weight.™”

360°smart weight®  is a US-Patented nutritional supplement. It is natural powder, consisting of 5 healthy fibers,antioxidants, natural & artificial flavoring, and a sweetener, that, when mixed in water, creates a ZERO calorie ultra-high fiber beverage. Takingbonly one serving a day fills you up with healthy fiber and stretches yourstomach, which activates nerve fibers in the stomach wall that send nerve impulses to your brain, creating a satiated feeling—telling you to stop eating because your stomach is full! 360°smart weight® is the highest fiber drink available and has 17 grams of healthy fiber per serving.

Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Weight Loss Formula ™️ has beenrebranded as 360°smart weight® ultra- rich fiber ™️ formula weight loss system™️.
It is a unique system or method for losing weight and  improving your health without the need to restrict any foods. The system consists of taking one serving before lunch OR dinnerevery day. It does not matter if you choose lunch OR dinner on a given day.
Simply consuming one serving will fill you up so you are satiated, causing you to eat less in the meal that follows. Typically, the satiation sensation lasts for 4-6 hours, reducing any urge for snacking.

More specifically, you mix one scoop of the pleasant tasting powder in water in the cup provided with each order. You then apply the lid and shake vigorously for exactly 5 seconds, and then drink the beverage you made. You do this one hour prior to your lunch OR dinner on a given day, and then repeat, taking a second scoop in water, 30 minutes before the same meal.   You then eat your meal. Because the fiberwill cause you to feel full, you will eat less food at the meal that follows and lose weight. You will feel so satiated, you will not need to snack for 4-hours.   

Yes, you only need to do one serving per day before lunch or dinner. One servingconsists of one scoop of 360°smart weight® one hour before lunch or dinner, andone scoop 30 min before the same meal. This will give you the sensation you are full for the meal that follows, and for 4-6 hours later.

360°smart weight® is not intended to be a meal replacement shake; you can freely eat what you want simply by consuming one serving daily. If you want to loseweight faster, you could use one serving of 360°smart weight® before lunch AND one serving before dinner. You could also use ½ to 1 serving as a snack in addition to your daily serving at any time of day. (For example, if you took one serving before lunch, and now it is 8 PM and you are craving food, you canmake the drink and take one shaker cup as a zero-calorie snack).

 It does not matter if you take your serving before lunch or dinner, but for fastest weight loss, you should take 360°smart weight® before the meal where you tend to eat the most calories.

Yes, but it is not necessary. You will get the weight loss and health benefits from one serving per day.  

Yes, you can, but it is not necessary to skip the meal. 360°smart weight® was designed to avoid dieting and food restriction. Safe weight loss occurs simply with one serving per day of 360°smart weight®. Initially, depending on how overweight you may be, you can lose 10-20 lbs. in the first month, then typically 1-1.5 lbs. per week. This is safe weight loss.

360°smart weight® is the “SMARTEST”weight loss product because it was created by a real doctor who spent more than
30 years treating obesity and the numerous obesity-related complications on a daily basis. It is “smart” because it also provides numerous other healthbenefits, including dramatic improvements in lipids and blood chemistries (promotes lower blood sugar & HgbA1c, lowers triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and promotes elevated HDL good cholesterol).

360°smart weight® is “smart” because it lowers calorie consumption without restricting foods you crave—the exact reason most diets fail.

360°smart weight® is the easiest way to lose weight because it is simple and hassle-free. There is no “willpower” requirement. You do not have to avoid foods you like. You don’t count calories or buy pre-packaged foods. There is no menu planning.You don’t even need to exercise. You simply mix the pleasant-tasting 360°smart weight® powder in the provided shaker cup with water, shake, and drink.
360°smart weight® is the Most Effective way to lose weight because it is so simple and works so well. The fact that you have no food restrictions makes you feel like you do not have to diet and makes it easy to continue long-term weight loss. 360°smart weight® is natural and healthy, yet it creates a very potent sensation of satiety that is long-lasting. Most people are able to lose 10-20 lbs. in the first month, then typically 1-1.5 lbs.per week. This is safe weight loss.

360°smart weight® is the HEALTHIEST weight loss product because it uses natural and nutritious ingredients to
promote weight loss. The unique formulation of natural fibers, antioxidants, and B vitamins does much more than promote weight loss; the ultra-rich smart fiber™️formula weight loss system™️ may help reduce your chances of developing diabetes, dementia, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, heart disease, and a variety of cancers. This formula is so healthy it may dramatically lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol, with or without weightloss. 

360°smart weight® may even removetoxins from your body! 360°smart weight® is healthy because it does not contain

It is the SAFEST way to lose weight and contains only healthy ingredients for your body. It does not contain stimulants. Virtually all weight loss products available contain dangerous stimulants that can cause strokes,heart attacks, heart valve destruction, seizures, hepatitis, and even death!You may not be aware of these stimulants as they are disguised under the names
Ephedra, Epitonin, Ephedrine, Guarana, Kola Nut, and Ma Huang—just to name a few. Many contain high doses of caffeine. Make no mistake about it—these are all dangerous stimulants, and the majority of weight loss products contain several of these harmful ingredients! You risk damaging your heart while trying to lose weight. The stimulants are also problematic in that they promote yo-yodieting. They can lead to initial weight loss by speeding your metabolism. Eventually you will need to come off the stimulants and your metabolism willrevert to normal, and you will gain the weight back…typically more weight than
you lost. The down-up, down-up (yo-yo) dieting is dangerous and stressful to your body. 360°smart weight® does not contain stimulants and does not restrict foods; weight loss is steady and easily sustained. Where other weight loss products are “heart-dangerous”, 360°smart weight® is “heart-healthy” due to theprotective effects of fiber, antioxidants, and B vitamins.

360°smart weight® contains five different types of natural fiber, antioxidants, and B vitamins. The fibers include pectin, locust bean, guar, psyllium and oat. The B vitamins contain folic acid and pyridoxine. The antioxidants include a proprietary blend of green tea and multianthocyanidins. 

360°smart weight® alsocontains natural and artificial flavors and Sucralose®. It does NOT contain Aspartame® or Nutrasweet®.

360°smart weight® does not contain any soy. It is safe for most people with gluten allergies, and a number of people who are gluten-sensitive enjoy the use of this product andreorder. Gluten allergy and sensitivities are almost always due to problems with a person's sensitivity to wheat, barley, or rye. The product does NOT contain wheat, barley, or rye. In rare cases, some gluten-sensitive or allergic people cannot eat oats. If you are told by your doctor that you have an allergy to oats, you should not order thisproduct as it does contain oat fiber. Once again, most people on a gluten-free diet can take it and enjoy the benefits it offers.

360°smart weight® comes in a canister and includes a scoop for proper measuring of the powder. The canister contains 60 scoops or 30 servings. The first canister you purchase will last 6 weeks due to the break-in-period. Subsequent canisters will last one month.

You need only take ONE serving per day to get the weight loss, or the above health benefits. The cost of taking it is about $2 per day. You should SAVE more than $2 per day in food costs as you will be eating less food because you are satiated. So, in essence, you can save money by buying 360°smart weight® and taking it daily, and thereby curbing your grocery or snack bill and your weight!

Yes, 360°smart weight® comes in various flavors including chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, mango, and maple.

Which tastes best? They all taste great! If you are a chocolate lover, then the chocolate is out of this world! Raspberry and chocolate are the best sellers.

360°smart weight® contains ZERO calories when mixed in water. The vast majority of people mix in water only. However, this product is very versatile and you can alter the taste to your desire. 360°smart weight® can also be mixed in any low-calorie beverage. The number of calories would be based on the number of calories in the low-calorie beverage you choose to add. For example, some people mix 360°smart weight® in low fat or skim milk. A cup of 2% milk is 8 ounces and has 110 calories. Mixing 360°smart weight® (zero calories) in 8 oz of 2% milk (110 calories) would be 110 calories or 0+110=110. Many customers have noted that only adding a small amount of skim milk, like a quarter of the cup (2-3 oz) it comes with, can make a smooth creamy taste. Again, most people simply just use water to create the great-tasting beverage.

Yes, there are many. 360°smart weight® may help reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and numerous types of cancer. High-fiber diets promote reduction in a number of types of cancer, and 360°smart weight® has the highest fiber content of any beverage. Whether 360°smart weight® is used for weight loss or cholesterol (and lipid) management, it may dramatically improve your entire lipoprotein profile (your entire cholesterol panel—lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and improve HDL cholesterol).

There are many digestive benefits to the fiber contained in 360°smart weight®. Many people with irritable bowel or constipation may benefit from the ultra-high fiber concentration this product delivers. Most people taking it will have one extra bowel movement per day. For some, it makes the difference of having a bowel movement EACH day, and many buyers swear by 360°smart weight®’s ability to keep them “regular”! Another digestive benefit is that fiber helps blunt the sugar rise and subsequent insulin rise that occurs when food enters the stomach. This diminished insulin spike protects your blood vessels and prevents hunger.

360°smart weight® is a unique, high-potency formulation of fibers and antioxidants that may help promote the following health benefits:
- Anti- Cancer Anti- Low HDL
- Anti- Osteoporosis Anti-Triglycerides
- Anti- Heart Disease Anti- Constipation
- Anti- Obesity Anti-Diverticulosis
- Anti-Diabetes Anti- Hemorrhoids
- Anti-Glucose Intolerance Anti-Irritable
- Bowel Syndrome
- Anti-Cholesterol
- Anti- Homocysteine (homocysteine causes hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, & dementia)
- Anti-Hypertension
- Anti-hs-CRP (heart inflammation)
360°smart weight® can actually remove toxins from your body. It can directly absorb toxins from what you ingest, and also binds to toxins and speeds their transit out of the body.

360°smart weight® is very versatile and may be taken a variety of different ways. It can be used to promote weight loss, or to keep your weight stable and optimize your blood chemistries and cholesterol levels. A number of people take this as a way to maintain regularity of bowel movements. Anyone taking 360°smart weight®, regardless of their baseline cholesterol results, may have dramatic improvement in their blood sugar, HgA1c, cholesterol profile, homocysteine level, and hs-CRP quintile (heart inflammation blood test). Improvement in any of these will dramatically decrease your chances of developing heart disease, or damage to the small vessels in your brain. Imagine what happens when you improve all these blood chemistries! You can take it to promote weight loss, or you can take 360°smart weight® strictly to promote heart health and other health benefits.

- To prevent snacking.
- To decrease the amount of calories consumed during a meal.
- As a meal replacement once per day. In this case you are substituting a meal (preferably lunch) with 360°smart weight® (zero calories). Most people follow the plan of taking one serving before lunch OR dinner daily, and do not use it as a meal replacement.
360°smart weight® can be individualized to your diet so that you can have the most effective weight loss

To quote one of my patients, “It is very easy to take.” If you can add water to a cup, place the lid on it, and shake 5 seconds, you can begin losing weight immediately. It is really that simple.

Yes! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? This is one of the great advantages of 360°smart weight®. You can truly lose weight eating the same foods you eat every day.
The reason you lose weight is that 360°smart weight® causes you to feel full so you don’t eat as much. The smaller the portion of food you consume, the fewer the calories consumed, and this causes you to lose weight. 360°smart weight® can also absorb some fat calories from food that it comes in contact with as well, thereby reducing calories further. Any fat or toxins that are absorbed by the fiber will be bound to the fiber and will be sped out of the body.
You will lose weight on 360°smart weight® eating your current diet and without the need to exercise. If you want to accelerate the weight loss, you can use 360°smart weight® before lunch and dinner, or you can adopt a healthier, less fatty, or calorie-rich diet.

Exercise is not a requirement to lose weight on 360°smart weight®. Aerobic exercise can help accelerate weight loss. It is very healthy for you to walk ½ to 1 hour a day if you are capable. The benefits of this type of exercise extend beyond the weight loss. It is common for people who see substantial weight loss to become more motivated about their health and actually increase exercise as they lose weight and feel more energetic . They frequently become more careful about their diet and exercise more. This should be your ultimate goal. Dr. Levine strongly advocates for people to walk 30 minutes per day, five days per week, as part of promoting health and longevity.

No. 360°smart weight® is a great value!
For less than the price of a gourmet coffee, you can be promoting increased energy, weight loss, and improved health. Most people will find that 360°smart weight® actually saves them money as they will eat less and spend less money on food and snacks. Therefore, 360°smart weight® is actually a negative cost for many, as they save money buying 360°smart weight® and spending less on food costs. Many people will save tremendous amounts of money as they will improve their health and help prevent costly medical bills and prescription expenses. The savings in not having medical costs or having to buy monthly prescriptions can be enormous. What is your life worth? The potential value of improving your health and longevity that results from taking 360°smart weight® should be viewed as priceless.
Many people are unhappy with their appearance. Losing significant weight can be a real confidence booster. How can you put a price on feeling good about yourself?

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In order to guarantee you the highest quality product, Dr. Levine personally directs each step of the manufacturing process. 360°smart weight® is made only in small batches to tightly control quality.
360°smart weight® has received U.S Patent 7,030,092 and 7,977,319 B1 from the U. S Patent Office for the 360°smart weight® ’s ability to promote weight loss, reduce cardiovascular risks, and reduce the absorption of dietary toxins. Because it is patented, you can only purchase it from Dr. Levine.

There are a few medication interactions that could take place. This does not mean you cannot take 360°smart weight® with these medications. You can take 360°smart weight® with these medications if you are under a doctor’s supervision and discuss it with him or her. You physician may wish to monitor you and may even adjust your drug dosage.

You should not take 360°smart weight® with these medications unless your doctor is checking levels and working with you to take this product:

1. Anti-seizure medications such as Dilantin, Depakote, Valproic acid, etc. These drugs are affected by many medications, as they are highly protein-bound. These drugs can be easily affected by any medication whether prescription or over-the-counter.

2. Theophylline- used for asthma. This is also highly protein bound and affected by both prescription and non-prescription medications.

3. Blood Thinners - such as Warfarin (Coumadin)- This drug is highly bound to protein in your blood and can easily be displaced causing a change in your blood-thinning level. Warfarin is also affected by folic acid (vitamin B9) in your diet. This is why doctors tell patients on this medication to eat the same amount of green leafy vegetables daily. The folic acid in the green leafy vegetables affects the ability of Warfarin to thin your blood. Just as you can eat green leafy vegetables with Warfarin if you are consistent, you can also take 360°smart weight® if you are consistent. It does contain folic acid. You should not take it without first consulting your doctor. Your doctor will need to establish a baseline “INR” or “protime” (the blood levels that show “how thin” the blood is) and then adjust the amount of Coumadin/Warfarin you take until the targeted INR blood level is achieved. As an additional safety measure, it is recommended that you not take the Warfarin within two hours of taking 360°smart weight®, as this will minimize some of the interaction.
Aspirin is a blood thinner, but it thins your blood by a totally different mechanism than Warfarin. Aspirin’s blood thinning ability is not affected by folic acid or protein binding. You can safely take 360°smart weight® with aspirin.
The possibility exists that any medication that requires your doctor to check a blood level for therapeutic response could be affected by any prescription or non-prescription medication. It is comforting to know that very few drugs require blood level monitoring. The vast majority of drugs do not. If you are uncertain as to whether your medication can be affected by fiber, antioxidants, or B vitamins, please discuss this with your personal physician.

360°smart weight® may lower your triglycerides and LDL cholesterol dramatically. It can provide great benefits to your entire cholesterol panel, whether or not you are already on other prescription anti-cholesterol medications. Do not stop any cholesterol medications without your doctor’s supervision.

360°smart weight®
can actually improve your cholesterol numbers and result in taking a lower dose of medications or may even offer the possibility of coming off the medications. If you are interested in reducing the dosage of your cholesterol medications, discuss this with your doctor. Never make changes in medications without your doctor’s approval. Your doctor will need to check your fasting cholesterol monthly while taking 360°smart weight® and determine if your results warrant reduction in your medication.

Some cholesterol medications are taken at bedtime. Although no drug interactions are known to exist between 360°smart weight® and cholesterol medication, it is wisest to not take it within a 2-hour window of your taking your cholesterol medications. It is best to take 360°smart weight® prior to meals as directed as it will absorb some of the fat in the meal and prevent the fat from being absorbed into your body.

If you have any question about prescription or over-the counter medications and 360°smart weight®, you should contact your doctor. Your doctor will need to know that this product contains fiber (Oat, Pectin, Locust Bean, and Psyllium), antioxidants, and the B vitamins (folic acid B9 and pyridoxine B6).
While no one has reported any drug interactions to Dr. Levine, he advises that all drugs NOT be taken within in a 1-2 hour window of 360°smart weight®. By providing this window, you greatly minimize the chance that any binding of medication to fiber that could occur.
Just as it is not recommended to eat within 2 hours of bedtime because of gastric reflux, it is best not to take 360°smart weight® within 2 hours of bedtime.

360°smart weight® contains an ultra-high dose of fiber. Some people have gas, gas pains, bloating, loose stools or more frequent stools when fiber is added to the diet. These symptoms usually resolve within 10-14 days. Some people can immediately take the full dose of fiber without any of these symptoms. Everyone is different. 360°smart weight® comes with a break-in schedule so that the fiber is slowly introduced into the diet and symptoms are minimized.


Due to the extremely high cost of purchasing the finest grade ingredients, materials, and manufacturing processes, refunds are not available on opened product. Dr. Levine, or one of his representatives, will attempt to assist you with any problems you are having by either email or phone. Please always include a daytime and nighttime phone number in your emails.

Unopened product can be returned ONLY if authorized by Physicians Direct® in advance. You must have an RMA number given by Physicians Direct® in order to return the product.

If returns are accepted and found to be in good and unopened condition, a refund will be provided for the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee. Additionally, you are responsible for the initial shipping and handling cost, and the shipping cost of mailing back the product to Physicians Direct®. Under the sole discretion of Physicians Select®or Physicians Direct®, some exchanges may be offered. These exchanges are limited, not guaranteed, and at the sole discretion of Physicians Select® or Physicians Direct®.

Do not take 360°smart weight® if you are pregnant. Do not take any product without your physician’s approval.

Dr. Scott Levine is one of AMERICA’S TOP PHYSICIANS, as selected by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America. He also has received awards, including LEADING PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, TOP DOCTOR IN ORLANDO, AND VITALS TOP TEN DOCTORS PATIENT’S CHOICE AWARD. Dr. Levine is a medical doctor who is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine*. As a leading expert in health and nutrition, he has been a speaker at national health conferences, nationally syndicated radio, the United States Post Office, and a variety of educational meetings for doctors. Dr. Levine has appeared on numerous local TV stations sharing his medical expertise. For more than 25 years he has provided cutting-edge preventative care to his patients. Dr. Levine has optimized his patient’s health through education and providing the latest, most effective “prevention” techniques. Dr. Levine is committed to educating both his patients and other doctors. In his search to optimize his patients’ health, Dr. Levine developed a number of health-enhancing nutrition and skin care products. Now, these exact products that have helped optimize his patients’ health for years, are available to you. Now, you, too, can optimize your health!
*The specialty recognition identified herein (Board Certified Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine) has been received from a private organization not affiliated with or recognized by the Florida Board of Medicine. Dr. Levine has received extensive training in Anti-Aging from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M) and has undergone rigorous oral and written exams to properly credential him as Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by that Academy. Unfortunately, many well-recognized medical specialties, such as this one, are not recognized by the National Board of Medical Examiners and therefore not recognized by the State of Florida. For this reason, the above disclaimer is required by the Florida Board of Medicine, which does not recognize ANY certification programs in Anti-Aging for any doctors.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Do not take if pregnant or allergic to any of the ingredients. These products contain heart healthy folic acid. If you are taking Warfarin, or Coumadin, discuss this supplement with your doctor and make sure to monitor your INRs. Keep out of reach of children.

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