Benefits Of Antioxidant Vitamins

When I first started my medical practice many years ago, patients would ask me what type of vitamins to take to help improve their health and increase their longevity.  I took this question seriously and researched the medical literature to see what the best and most efficacious vitamins, supplements, botanicals, and minerals were for improving health, preventing disease, and increasing longevity.


I heavily researched the medical and scientific literature, as well as the cancer journals, for clues.  Time after time, antioxidants were listed as the most beneficial compounds. Antioxidants are compounds that protect cells—thereby protecting organs, thereby protecting your body.  They strengthen your immune system, which is necessary to also prevent inflammation, disease, and cancer. Our bodies develop inflammation, disease, and even cancer from exposure to free radicals that are ubiquitous in our food, air, and environment.  Many people are unaware that sunlight is UV radiation, which is a source of free radicals.  Free radicals set off a series of unstable molecules because they steal electrons from stable molecules.  One free radical sets off a chain reaction of millions of stable molecules, which become unstable, and thereby damage cells. This process is called oxidative stress.  A simple example is that radiation, a source of free radicals, causes damage to cells and cancer. It is for that exact reason a radiology technician wears a monitor and steps behind a lead wall when they take your x-ray. Looking at the sunlight example, the UV radiation from the sun causes aging of the skin and skin cancer.  


Fruits and vegetables are a good source of antioxidants.  Most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and the variety necessary to offer all the health benefits of antioxidants.   In addition, you cannot easily get some antioxidants from a fruit or vegetable. A great example is folic acid, an antioxidant that prevents DNA damage/birth defects to the developing fetus.  It is for this reason a pregnant woman can’t simply eat salads to get enough folic acid, but she needs to take a prenatal supplement rich in folic acid.  Although folic acid exists in many green, leafy vegetables, it is difficult to get enough folic acid without supplementation.  Other antioxidants like vitamin B12 are very difficult to get into the blood stream by simply eating B12-rich foods; therefore, most people are B12-deficient and require a supplement.


As a physician, I would always recommend patients eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, but to optimize your health and longevity, it is necessary to have a diversity and potency of antioxidants that requires oral supplementation.  For more than 20 years I have been creating and updating Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Antioxidant Vitamin™️, now rebranded to 360° smarthealth™️ antioxidant vitamin. Abbreviated “360°smart vitamin™️”, it is the most diverse and potent antioxidant vitamin formulation available and “the best health insurance you can buy in a bottle™️”. While most vitamins are created by starting with a selling price and working backwards as to what would be economical to make, I decided I would create the best vitamin I could, regardless of cost, and make it available to anyone seriously interested in optimizing their health and longevity.  Yes, my vitamin is pricey, but if you were to buy all those ingredients individually, you would be paying many times the cost.  Working with a PhD supplement industry insider, I created the “one-stop-shopping vitamin”, the all-inclusive antioxidant to optimize your health and longevity. 360° smarthealth™️ antioxidant vitamin contains more than 35 antioxidants to target different organs to optimize your body’s full protection. 360° smarthealth™️ antioxidant vitamin contains the highest-grade vitamins, botanicals, minerals, and plant compounds to provide the ultimate in antioxidant strength and diversity.  It is like eating a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables.  The product is uniquely designed to be like nature itself.  If you buy Vitamin E in the store you only get d-Alpha tocopheryl, but you don’t get all the important sister compounds you would get in ingesting a nut that contains the full spectrum of nature’s vitamin E compounds.  360°smart vitamin™️ contains the best natural vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopheryl sussinate & d- Alpha Tocopherol, along with the sister compounds d- Beta-Tocopherol, d- Gamma,and  d- Delta-Tocopherol, so you would get the protection you would get from acquiring all the Vitamin E compounds from a nut. In many cases, the sister compounds may be more valuable than the main compound, and by having all the compounds as they exist in nature, you most closely receive all the benefits nature can provide. 360° smarthealth™️ antioxidant vitamin is designed to be like nature, incorporating the antioxidant as they are found in nature, with all their sister compounds.



Why is diversity in antioxidants important for your health and longevity?


Antioxidants target different cells and organs in your body.  Some are simply better at protecting certain organs.  Some antioxidants focus on protecting your eyes, some your heart, some your brain, some your liver, etc. I recently had an eye exam where my doctor checked the level of antioxidant in my retina, which is necessary to prevent macular degeneration. The doctor reported to me that my level was off the charts high…it couldn’t even be fully measured.   This is ultimate protection against macular degeneration.  There are vitamins sold with the AREDS 2 formula, but they do not contain the most effective/costly ingredients and don’t contain the  additional antioxidants known to be beneficial for your eyes such as Bilberry, Alpha Carotene, and Cryptoxanthan, contained in 360°smart vitamin™️. The combinations and quality of antioxidants that target the eyes in 360°smart vitamin™️ may explain why my retina is rich in antioxidants.


The heart is best protected by antioxidants such as Coenzyme Q 10, resveratrol, Vitamin E & sister compounds, folic acid, green tea, grape skin, grape seed, and selenium—all found in 360°smart vitamin™️.  These antioxidants have a special focus on the heart.  In addition, 360°smart vitamin™️ contains a unique form of folic acid and potent B6 and B12 that lowers homocysteine, a byproduct of methylation.  Homocysteine is extremely inflammatory to the body and brain and leads to strokes, heart disease, blood clots, and dementia.


The liver is an amazing organ, and it is responsible for so much of the body’s health.  The liver is also a key factor in detoxifying toxins that enter your body through respiration, ingestion, and through your skin.  Glutathione is your body’s internal police force, protecting you from toxins, and it is made in the liver . Optimizing your liver can help optimize your health.  360°smart vitamin™️ provides these potent antioxidants which best protect  your liver: silymarin, resveratrol, N-acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Vitamin E & sister compounds, and Curcuma. 360°smart vitamin™️ uses the most expensive zinc, since it is a specially patented zinc-mono-L-methionine, which, when digested, produces sulfur atoms that become the building blocks of glutathione.


The brain needs to be protected from free radicals and oxidation to optimize brain function and prevent aging of the brain, strokes, and dementia. 360°smart vitamin™️ contains more than 30 diverse antioxidants to help protect the brain.  In addition, many people have a high homocysteine level in their blood that damages their brain.  (This can only be discovered through a specific homocysteine lab test).  360°smart vitamin™️ contains the potent B12, B6, and specially patented form of folic acid to reduce homocysteine levels and protect the brain.


The eyes need to be protected from free radicals and oxidation to prevent vision loss and blindness.  Doctors now measure the antioxidant, Lutein, in your retina/macula to determine your risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  AREDs 1 & AREDs 2 studies by the National Institutes of Health showed the importance of certain high dose antioxidants which can delay or prevent AMD.  360°smart vitamin™️ contains these ingredients and further antioxidants, such as Bilberry, to help optimize vision.  During WWII, the Royal Airforce gave their pilots bilberry jam sandwiches to improve their vision during flight.


Antioxidants are essential for strengthening your immune system and helping to prevent cancer.  Free radicals cause inflammation, cellular damage, and actual damage to your DNA, putting you at risk of many diseases, including many types of  cancer. 360° smarthealth™️ antioxidant vitamin is rich in many antioxidants that have been shown to reduce chances of certain cancers.  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta carotene, selenium, and zinc have been shown to lower all-cause mortality in men, and lower the risk of prostate and other cancers.  360° smarthealth™️ antioxidant vitamin has a rich diversity of antioxidants including curcuma, alpha lipoic acid, green tea, selenium, zinc, and more.  Lycopene found in tomatoes, red peppers, and watermelon has been shown in some studies to be protective against cancers of the prostate, skin, breast, lung, and liver. While there have been trials that have not shown any benefits of antioxidants, many believe the studies were not given the full spectrum antioxidants as they exist in nature, did not have the correct dose, or simply were not given long enough.


Supplements cannot claim to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.  360°smart vitamin™️ does not make any claim.  Individuals vary in their exposure to free radicals and toxins, which is affected by disease-mitigating activities they may or may not be involved in, such as healthy eating, sleeping, etc.  


360°smart vitamin™️ contains the most diverse and potent antioxidant formulation available.  Dr. Levine has consistently been making and improving this comprehensive health-optimizing formulation for more than 20 years based on the most current science.  The more than 30 vitamins, minerals, and botanicals are all optimized to improve your health and longevity in a one bottle comprehensive formula. It is truly “the best health insurance you can buy in a bottle™️”.  Though 360°smart vitamin™️ may seem pricey, it is a huge cost savings over buying individual bottles of the various antioxidants, and it is easier to take.



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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